Monday, 27 September 2010


Bira Cape located in Tanjung Bira Village, Bonto Bahari District, Bulukumba Regency, Province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The distance is about 42 kilometers eastern of Bulukumba capital regency, or about 200 kilometers southeast of Makassar City. It is the main to gate to Selayar Island. Bira has beautiful white sand and shows a beautiful panorama. There are so many kinds of fish and corals in the sea surrounded it.

This panorama enriches the beauty of the surrounding. White in the back side, soars up “puang Janggo’ mountain with a height of more than 400 meters. It can be reached in 20 minutes by car, or by hiking for approximately 40 minutes. Tip off South Sulawesi peninsula offers a very charming romantic place. That is Tanjung Bira (Cape of Bira) Beach. Tanjung Bira has clear views of sea, white sand, with very adequate facilities. Come to Tanjung Bira. Feel soft of white sand while enjoying the breezy wind. The location of Tanjung Bira, which is located in the southern tip of South Sulawesi peninsula, makes this place as different objects among others tourism places. You can watch the sunrise in eastern horizon and sunset in western horizon in a straight line. Along the coast, white sand is extended. It feels very soft. Many foreign tourists willing to enjoy the warm of sun shine along the day, than swim, or just immerse themselves to feel the sea water. You can also play volley beach there.

Along the scenery off to the waters is only wide blue sea. In front of the eyes look, there are Liukang Loe Island and Kambing Island, which is often visited by tourists. Fishing boats are parked in other side of beach. The boats can be used to bring you to the two islands. Tanjung Bira area consists of lowland coastal plains and high hills. Landscape brought beautiful scenery. From the rather high plains, you can view the activities of Bulukumba Port, the crossing port to Selayar Island. Night at Tanjung Bira is always romantic. Lying on the beach, enjoying the sound of pounding waves, while see the shining star up there. By the middle of the night, you can interact with fishermen. Buy some fresh fish or other sea foods than roast it.

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